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systane eye drops on NHS prescription

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  • systane eye drops on NHS prescription

    Does anyone know if Systane eye drops are available on NHS prescription in the uk? I have used hylo forte. For awhile but having limited success thinking of trying systane ultra or systane balance. I'll buy them over the counter first to see if either help. I read a study that said systane balance can improve tear break up time and goblet cell density.

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    If I can remember systane balance has more lipids which is great for mgd, the only reason why I wouldn’t try it again, is because it has a preservative in it called polyquad. I was using this for a little while and it made my eyes really bad and set me back, so just be careful with that. I would recommend you give novatears a try if the hylauronic tears weren’t doing the trick(hyloforte) goodluck


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      Thanks I have looked at systane complete but it doesn't seem available in the UK yet.