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  • Clarymist

    I see Clarymist is now in Superdrug (in UK). How are sales Tony? - I suppose an increase would show more folk with dry eyes.
    Occupation - Optimistologist

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    Is it any cheaper in Superdrug than in the opticians? I think 13 for such a small bottle is fairly expensive. Having said that I would pay 1000 for it to go away forever!


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      I think it is about the same price everywhere - Tesco is about 14 also.

      I am with you, I see your 1000 and I raise you 1000.

      I hope you are getting along well and over your latest rough patch.

      Take care



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        Hi Ian
        I am not too bad but my 16 year old daughter set the burglar alarm off at 2 in the morning and what do you know a lovely sticky eyeball! Dont you just love them!
        It is a bit demoralising when you go back to square one but I did have 7 relatively good weeks so it can happen again.
        Just wondered if you had any reaction from a certain lasik proprietor after the Sunday post article?
        Take care


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          Copied from another thread - above link, Clarymist at 9.95 per bottle.
          Occupation - Optimistologist


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            ?? Did I write a reply to this and not send it? lol...

            Yep, sales are going really well, Sainsburys come online this month, and Boots are very happy with sales so far.

            I've just done a user feedback questionnaire which has thrown up some very interesting things, alongside some great testimonials!

            Didn't realise Goldshiled were doing it so cheaply, they can't be making diddly squat on that, unless it's part of the 3 off promotion that went down various avenues recently. Duh, in fact, yes, must be that!


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              get in touch with Tony Barnes

              Dear Tony,
              Are you still implied in the importation of the Clarymist in England? My company distributes Tears Again in France. We would like to share our experience on our market. Would you like to talk?


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                This might be old news but I just picked up a bottle in Superdrug for less than 3.50 - fingers crossed it works!


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                  Originally posted by hamkins View Post
                  This might be old news but I just picked up a bottle in Superdrug for less than 3.50 - fingers crossed it works!
                  [Hi everyone, Superdrug in my area are selling Clarymist for either 3.50 or 3.99 so it might be worth checking your own local area. I see Optrex have brought out something similar for 14 but I personally didn't think the Clarymist helped me. They should make these products cheaper so we can experiment with them. I don't want to think about how much this dry eye carry on has cost me over the years but I suppose I'll keep plugging away!!! Natural dry eye by the way, very mild but then turned severe overnight. Christmas Day as well.

                  Good luck with shopping.


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                    I tried looking for the company that makes this product, but all i found were sites selling it. I live in the US, and I think a alternative to Clarymist is Nature's Tears. My doctor told me about it last year, and I've been using it ever since. It is an all natural mist for dry eyes. Does that sound like Clarymist?


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                      Clarymist has a new name.

                      The original liposomal eye spray returns as Eye Logic!

                      Apparently the name change is to align the product more closely to the eye health market.