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Soothe XP Eyedrops: Yuck

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  • Soothe XP Eyedrops: Yuck

    Just thought I'd give my review on "Soothe XP" eyedrops that I tried last night: HATED 'em.
    My eyes actually felt OK before I used the drops. I put in one drop in each eye before going to sleep. After I put the drops in my eyes, everything turned "milky" (cloudy with a whitish cast), which I expected from reading some other comments here. But in addition to that, my eyes started feeling sore and dry - the type of sensation I get when I really need to put drops in and haven't yet. And this was within minutes after putting them in. So my vision was cloudy AND it made my eyes feel worse than before I used them. I really couldn't fall asleep because they were annoying me so much. So I used some Collyrium eye wash to try to rinse out any of it that I could. Then I used Systane quite a few times until it felt better. I will never use them again.
    Two THUMBS DOWN for Soothe eyedrops.
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    Just an FYI for those who may not be aware:

    Soothe XP is B&L's new name for the product that's been on the market as Soothe (Alimera Sciences) for a few years now.
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      Soothe's mineral oil ingredient

      Echoing NYer's experience, I'm recalling similar worsening of rawness after using Soothe. . .I have always attributed this to Soothe's use of mineral oil as a lubricant. . .For those who have had adverse results from solid petrolatum and thick mineral oil contained in almost all "ointments," Soothe may present the same problem, without, however, the mechanical issues (like inhibition of tear reflex/wetting) raised by the solid mineral products contained in the ointments. . .
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        I tried Soothe once on the advice of my eye butcher. He even gave me a sample. I did not like it and never bought any. If I want "milk" in the eye, I can go to my frig......

        Funny I should mention milk in the eye, but quite a few years ago, one of the docs who worked with us online (not DEZ or LME) talked about putting milk in his own eyes as an experiment. He warned others NOT to do it. I wonder if I'm the only one who remembers this. Yes, I know who it was. No, I'm not telling unless someone PM's me the correct name and I'd tell them .
        Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

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          I wouldn't put milk in my eye, but I've certainly considered ice cream!


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            Count me in as someone who also hates Soothe. It totally made my eyes feel more dry.


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              NYer: I haven't tried Soothe (and I won't bother based on the comments in this thread), but I noticed it has polyhexamethylene biguanide as a preservative. The reaction you described sounds a lot like my reaction to the preservative that used to be used in Refresh bottled drops (Refresh Tears and Refresh Liquigel now use "Purite" as a preservative, but I'm not planning to try them again).


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                I am surprised to read all the negative comments about Soothe eyedrops. My eyedoctor gave me some to try and I was very pleased with the result. The gritty feeling in my eyes went away and the result seemed to last longer compared to other eyedrops. I have tried everything out there, but haven't had the same result.


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                  I'm still on the fence about Soothe. Sometimes it feels like it's doing nothing. Other times it feels good. I don't use it that often, mainly because of the milky film.

                  I find myself turning to Systane and Dwelle more and more. Systane feels nice and smooth and calming; and Dwelle, though it doesn't have that "ahhh!" sensation upon application, seems to coat my entire eyeball and create a protective layer. After using Dwelle, I barely think about or notice my eyes for hours.


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                    I started using Soothe XP yesterday because it made sense to me to be using an oil-based product because my dry eye is caused by a lipid-deficiency. (Darn meibomian glands... get to work!)

                    So far, so good... I don't mind the milky thing because it gives me an indication of how long the drop is staying on my eyeball.

                    I'd say I'm doing as well on this as any other drops I've tried (TheraTears, NutraTears, Systane, Optive...) And maybe even better! But I find whenever I switch products, I get a few good days before returning to baseline.


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                      Ha, just realized this thread is from over a year ago! Oops.


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                        Soothe XP

                        I am surprised to read all the negative comments about Soothe eyedrops! I've tried almost all eye drops and eye gels on the market and I love the way soothe XP feels! Yes it does leave a milky haze but only for a few seconds.


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                          "Soothe XP" completely suck .. lol

                          I didn't mind the milky blur as it says that on the package - I was soooo happy thinking .. ah, 8 hours dry eye relief > > NOT!!

                          Complete waste of money. I'm sticking with my Systane Ultra (High performance) drops.


                          PS: blink tears = also another useless product.


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                            It just goes to show you that different products work better for each of us. I love the Soothe drops (were' rec'd to me by a friend w/dry eyes on another board - they're her HG) and the Systane did nothing for me.'s definitely a matter of trial and error.


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                              Are you also using restasis. What is your eye routine lately?