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All eyedrops burn my eyes

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  • All eyedrops burn my eyes

    Does anyone else have this problem? All drops I use, including all 3 of Dr. Holly's drops, burn my eyes when I put them in. This has gotten worse over the years. I have tried every drop known to mankind. Would this just be because my eyes are so parched? Feels like putting in acid.

    Just wondering if I'm alone with this issue...

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    20/20, I don't have any answers, but I do have a thought....

    I don't have anywhere near the condition you have but I do find there are times when my eyes just don't tolerate products with high polymeric content very well. This is particularly true early in the morning. So I use Unisol (Alcon's unpreserved saline, the kind that comes in a bottle that you puncture and throw away in a month), then put some of my regular drops in a little while afterwards.

    For example, on a bad morning, I'll squirt Unisol on my eyes as soon as I get up to "loosen them up", and then I'll put Dwelle or Dakrina in after showering. Some days this seems to be much easier on my eyes than putting in a relatively heavy drop when my eye surfaces seem to be at their most vulnerable.
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      Drop Intolerance

      I do not experience the burning when instilling drops. I do however experience problems shortly there after, usually within an hour. My eyes begin to burn, redness, etc, etc. To the point that I go along with mild irritation throughout the day and night as opposed to using drops that only provide temporary ecstacy (exaggeration..but not really) but knowing my symptoms will soon be worse than they started.

      What is really tough is the days that my eyes burn alot because I know the only thing that I have to look forward to is closing my eyes at night. Does the burning subside or do they just continue to burn?

      I do use Theratears Liquid Gel right before I go to bed to flush my eyes and and hopefully ill any woes my eyes experienced during the day.

      Good Luck.


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        Mr. C,
        Have you tried using gel drops or ointment? If you use something like this at night then you could also try it during the day. Sometimes when my eyes feel really dry the drops just don't work. I use the gel during the day at those times.

        I'm going to get some Saline and start rising my eyes. I used to do that when I wore contact lenses. If my eyes were dry I'd just wet them with saline and go on my way - I didn't even need artificial tears. Oh, those were the good ole days!


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          Mr. Cabot,

          You sound like you have an allergy to preservatives. Do you use non-preserved drops?
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            Also, when I use gels and ointments, I ultimately end up worse off in the end. Try not using them for a night or two. Just a thought.
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              Actually, I had not thought of using just plain saline. I think I'm going to get some Unisol and try that and see if it is any better. Some days the drops burn worse than others. The burning subsides after about a minute or so. Maybe I need just plain saline then on the really bad burn days. Thanks all for the thoughts!


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                Drip Drop

                I have tried using the genteal severe eye gel and that is ok at night. Its tough throughout the day as its a bit think. Ultimately however I still end up with worse irritation and hour later or so. I think it may relate to having plugs (bottoms only). Its as if the drops stay on the eye and then slowly dry up and begin to irritate. Not sure. I have not tried any ointments, not really sure what is available.

                I have tried the preserved and non-preserved. Primarily sticking with non-preserved as diana indicated I may have a reaction to the preservatives. The thicken the plot, the worse instigator by far for my eyes is saline. This is instantaneous irritation, redness that does not go away. I have tried many forms always the non-preserved, usually unisol. Led to challenges when trying the scleral lens.

                Diana I will try skipping a few nights and see what happens. Thanks.



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                  same here, especially when i've just woken up. what i do when they are particularly sensitive, is dip my fingers in some cold water and then gently rub my eye lids. when i feel they are moist enough i apply the drops.

                  either way i have to suck it up, and the stinging usually goes away after about 3 minutes.


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                    my doctor also says when you close your eyes at night they stop "breathing". so perhaps that's correlated somehow to the morning burning sensation.
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                      As crazy as this sounds, there were times last winter when I would set my alarm so I would wake up at least twice a night to instill drops. I swear my mornings and days went better. For whatever multitude of reasons, my eyes get d*** dry at night. I've wondered if perhaps there is some microscopic damage done when my eyelids drag across that dry eye in the morning.

                      Having said this, when I've used gels or ointment at night it makes everything worse. What a mystery.

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                        yes,i have the same problem...i tried more than50 brands and it seems i cant,t find the proper one ( posting this in 2015)