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Looking for eyelid cream to impact dry eye

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  • Looking for eyelid cream to impact dry eye


    I've been diagnosed with ocular rosacea and am having difficulty getting any relief. My eyes feel dry, irritated, super-sensitive. Since eyedrops tend to be irritating (redness, bone-dry feeling) and I haven't taken anything internally that has helped (Omega 3, doxy, etc.), what kind of eyelid creams have given you relief? I'm thinking it might be better if I didn't apply anything directly into my eye and put a cream on my lids overnight.

    Let me know if you have any ideas.


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    i was just coming here to post something similar, i was wondering what moisturizers would be safe for ocular rosacea with mgd that will not irritate it further or clog the glands, around my eyes has become so dry but i'm afraid to use anything to make things worse...


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      liposome spray/Tears Again

      Some time ago, I tried the Tears Again product that is a liposome spray applied to the external lids. . .aka "supracutaneous" application. . .I think this product is still on the market, though not widely available in drugstores. . .It's not a cosmetic-type product, and is something developed specifically for lipid-deficiency dry eye. . .It didn't work for me, but that's just one person's experience. . and since there is very little supracutaneous treatment available, Tears Again may well be worth a try. . .

      That said, I would also dedicate some time to giving Dwelle a try, even if it is initially irritating...This is applied directly to the ocular surface, but for many, like me, with advanced/endstage MGD, it's a godsend. . .
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        what moisturizers would be safe for ocular rosacea
        me too, i recently switched to garnier, nutritionist, as someone said was good for sensitive skin, i noted after i bought it it has omega oils, I figure I'd rather have that near my eye than something else but I'm also not sure if i t's a good option. I think Dr L says, hypo allergenic, in his book for OR, but I still want a reputable, good moisturizer and I'm not sure how to match that to hypo allergenic.
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