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  • MSM Eye Drops

    Hi Everyone

    Just wondered if anyone has used/heard of the above? I searched and couldn't find anything. I have a book on dry eye and it recommends using these.

    This is the information on them:

    'MSM Eye and Ear Drops are recommended for all Eye and Ear conditions (eg Glue Ear) and are an safe and inexpensive self-treatment. The drops softens tough, leathery tissue, equalises pressure, repairs damaged membranes, clears up red spots and broken blood vessels and helps remove floaters and other eye particles.'

    What do other people think? I don't know if they sound safe for people who have had Lasik (like me) anyway. My eyes are cut anyway I don't think I want to 'soften' the tissues any more!?


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    I haven't read about the effects of MSM eyedrops but you could probably order some from a compound pharmacy. Or you could just take an MSM supplement - although I did that for a knee injury and it didn't have any demonstrative effect on my eyes.


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      If you try this please let us know what happens... I would be interested to try them myself. :-)