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  • Dakrina

    Dakrina is supposedly no different from Dwelle except that Dakrina has vit. A. For some reason, I perceived a difference and soon came to prefer Dakrina during the day.

    1. I have used Dakrina since April 2002.

    2. Dakrina coats my eyes and for the most part relieves the dry, gritty feeling. Some days are better than others but I can usually keep my eyes stable with Dakrina, a warm compress and resting my eyes.

    3. Dakrina leaves a white-ish residue on the lashes just like Dwelle. A damp tissue wipes it away.

    4. I use Dakrina first thing upon awakening. It's my drop of choice in very dry circumstances like shopping malls, airports, travelling etc.
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    Dwelle v Dakrina

    Dr Holly wrote to me "I did not realize that your question refers to Dakrina versus Dwelle. The difference is not that great. Dakrina is literally Dwelle except it also contains a small amount of vitamin A. I must have thought that since I have not seen your eyes and have no information on the goblet cell population, you would be better protected with Dakrina in case your eye is also mucin-deficient. I repeat and emphasize that they both have high oncotic pressure, actually the Dakrina has a bit higher than Dwelve. And that is what your eyes need for sure with a tendency for RCE. So I would just use Dakrina unless you aare allergic to vitamin A (very rare)."
    I have only used the drops for a week so its early days. Dr Holly seemed very keen not to put cream/gel in the eyes, so I was please to do away with the Lacrilube and Viscotears and just use the Dwelle eye drops. So far I still put drops in on average 4 hours after I go to bed, as I wake up with dry eyes. I hope that after a few weeks I can go through the night without putting any more drops in. I received an email fromThe Dry Eye Company LLC today, who say Dr Hollys drops will be available from them in the spring at a much lower price.