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  • Ciloxin ointment

    Has anyone tried (or had success with) Ciloxan eye ointment? Ive had it prescribed for helping with MGD. I havent found any reference of it on this site yet (and only one mention of Ciloxan eye drops).

    some info
    CILOXAN Eye Ointment contains ciprofloxacin hydrochloride equivalent to 3 mg/g ciprofloxacin in an anhydrous ophthalmic ointment base. It does not contain a preservative.


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    Sounds like a strong antibiotic... has it helped? The ointment part could set you back but that antibiotic is probably really strong so it probably more than negates it... is that the case?
    Which is it? Is it what you know or who you know? Or is it how well you convey what you know to who you know it to?



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      Bit of a delayed response here but yes it did help. Significantly i think. I used it for 15 days at night initially (as prescribed) and it was really good. I then used it again, just one night two weeks later, and again it had a good effect. But, yes it is strong and i'm hesitant to use it again. I was prescribed it in Brazil but an ophthalmologist here mentioned that it's so strong it'll kill all the bacteria initally but thereafter create a breeding ground for more. So I'm now a bit scared of using it. Even if it's only for one night every week or so, it may do more long term harm than good. But I just dunno


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        Very interesting ---
        As a lot of people know i use chloramphenical eye ointment every night on the lid margins applied with a q tip ,and this has revolutionized my problems
        I have been doing this for 14 months now and it still helps
        My GP puts it down to the emolient effect of the ointment rather than the antibiotic element ,as an ophthalmologist told her chloramphenicol eye ointment has zero effect on bacteria - Im not so sure
        I do worry that if i were to get an eye infection i would have reistance , so it is good to know that there is a ciprofloxin preparation for the eyes


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          I'm bringing this back up to the top. I just got prescribed this and would be interested in anyone else's experience. The materials say to put it on the eye, but the directions from the ophthalmologist are to put it on the lid margins. I'll give it a shot for a little while anyway.