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    Quick question. Is Gen Teal Severe widely available in pharmacies like Walgreens in the US as it is cosing a lot to have it sent to the UK and I have a friend going to New York shortly.
    Also is it easily available in Canada. Many thanks

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    I can't say about Canada, but I've found Genteal gel easily available in places like WalMart, Target and larger supermarkets in the US.

    I used it for a long time, but I grew to dislike the way the last few applications in the tube sting, as though the preservative was concentrated there. A few months ago, I tried Clinitas Hydrate gel as a substitute, and like it very much. I can use it right after other drops at night without any stinging. (I try to wait a few minutes between drops and gel, as the labels always advise, but sometimes I'm just in a hurry to go to bed!) And it's fairly cheap, too.

    I had good luck buying Genteal gel from - not as expensive as having it shipped from the US.

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      Yes it is widely available, make sure you print out the page from the gentel website of the product you want him to purchase as they do many different products.

      I use Genteal Gel for severe dry eyes. It is a lifesaver! I don't know if they do an ointment but make sure he doesn't get that one if they do, you are looking for the Gel.

      Good luck,



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        It is widely available in most countries other than the UK.

        The product is manufactured by Novartis (??sp) they do make another product that is available in the UK call Viscotears.

        You can get Viscotears in Preservative free (PF) format or in a tube with preservative.

        I haven't had any difficulty getting it from most pharmacies as it seems to be the standard product issued on the NHS.

        If you are looking at buying it in PF format, it might be cheaper to get a prescription from your GP as it is quite pricey.

        I am not aware of Genteal Gel being available it the UK at all.

        Hope this helps



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          gen teal

          Thanks for your help about gen teal