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Dry Eye Spray Availability US/Canada?

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  • Dry Eye Spray Availability US/Canada?

    Has anybody out there had any success with dry eye sprays here in Canada or the US? I'm not really a big fan oif the drops and figured a spray might be a little easier for a bit of relief when needed.

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    I found the spray ("Nature's Tears") to be useless. Non lubricating for my eyes and pretty much just got my face all wet.


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      I tried "Tears Again", it has liposomes in it which are supposed to help lubricate the eye. Tiny spray bottle, rather expensive and not a fine spray. You cannot regulate it at all, just smacks you in the eye with cold heavy spray. It didn't seem to do anything for my eyes but wet them (and the rest of my face).

      The only good thing I can say for it is it feels kind of good when eyes are hot and burning feeling but a splash of cool water feels just as good.