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  • Eyelid treatment

    Hello all.

    I am still experimenting with new drops and gels because of the recent worsening of my symptoms. The freezing temperatures and dry air are not helping.

    My question today is what do you do to relieve or prevent dry eyelids (sometimes even scaling or peeling)?

    I have used eyelid washes which help to remove any dryskin/debris but this does not prevent it from happening the next night.

    I have tried to tranquil eyes googles which help with the overnight dry eyelids but they actually make my vision worse for some reason.

    Thank in advance.


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    I use vasaline at night


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      hi stella, I use vaseline at night as well right now but I've read on this board that eye ointments are falling out of favour because of the uncertainty of oily products on the eyes in the long term and most of the ointments have petrolatum (vaseline) in them.

      have you read anything about this? the first I heard of this idea was on this message board.

      I've actually used vaseline for a long time now and it seems to work I was just worried about long term issues.



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        Hi FBristow - I have read a lot about vasaline and there is some evidence that small amounts on the outer lid can help if you have seborrhoeic blepharitis (i think mine may be that type as i have a constant battle with dandruff + a dry skin
        Anyway it definately helps me - the lids are so much more comfortable
        I never use it on the lid margins - I use chloramphenical eye ointment 1% -avery small amount applied with a q tip every night before smearing the vasalin on outer lids