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Systane Ultra vs. Long Lasting

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  • Systane Ultra vs. Long Lasting

    I was told by my Dr. to use Systane Ultra. I usually do and it works well for me. But when I went to buy more drops the store was out of Ultra so I ended up getting the Long Lasting. Is there a big difference between these? Are the long lasting ones preservative free? I just don't want to screw anything up by using the wrong drops. Any advice or comments are welcome!

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    hmm...I guess no one is sure about it then. Either way I've used both and the Ultra seem to work better for me.


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      Is there a way to delete my posts? I seem to racking up quite a few dead this one


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        Systane Ultra is a newer (improved?) product.

        I believe the official line from Alcon is that it has some changes to increase comfort (through higher pH) and minimize bluriness. There's a table comparing the composition of the two at:

        For what it's worth, I do find the Ultra drops more comfortable.

        At the moment, only regular Systane is available in preservative free vials but an Alcon representative told me (at the dry eye patient conference in Long Beach) that they were also planning to release Systane Ultra in preservative free vials.


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          Thanks for the reply cjwilkins! I didn't realize that Systane Ultra wasn't preservative free. It's working pretty well for me though so i'm going to stick with it. Thank you for the link too!


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            Systane Ultra preservative free vials

            This has been one of the few OTC drops that has worked well for me. Unfortunately up until now it only came in the multi dose bottle.
            Alcon has now begun shipping the single vial PF version.
            The major players carrying it are Target and Walgreen's.
            I scooped up the 3 boxes I found at my local Target and the 2 they had at Walgreen's.
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              I was using Systane, and it was the best. It is available in the single dose units, which is what I was having. However, I've found an even better one, via Fed up Kate on this site, who recommended it, it's called Hycosan, brilliant one, and has definitely given me the longest relief - would recommend.