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  • Artelac?


    Has anyone heard of Artelac Eye Drops by Bausch & Lomb International? My Opthomologist suggested it to me. You can only buy it in the UK for now. Not yet approved for US use.

    Here's the info of what's in it:


    10 ml

    Active ingredients: 1ml of solution contains methylhydroxypropylcellulose (HPMC 2906) 3.20mg, preserved with cetrimide 0.1mg. The viscosity of the solution is between 7-13mPa´s.

    Other ingredients:sodium monohydrogen phosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, disodium edetate, sorbitol.

    Symptomatic treatment of dehydration manifestations of the cornea and conjunctiva due to impaired lacrimal secreetion and functional disorders as a result of topical or systemic diseases or caused by deficient or incomplete eyelid closure.

    Just curious if anyone knows of this or the ingredients.


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    I use this! Well, I use the Advanced EDO one. I use it by day and not found another drop that's better.

    It's actually pretty good. Same company does eye supplements/vitamins called Occuvite which I'm trying and I'm sure there's been a good benefit.

    Artelac - the normal one - has hypromellose I didn't really like this one but the Artelac Advanced doesn't have this and I find it really nice, doesn't irritate, doesn't blur at all... You can get it in different vial sizes and in packs of 60 really cheaply from online pharmacists in Germany...(it is over the counter stuff). It's actually contact lens friendly too - I only wear them rarely but it's nice that you can use the same drop. The tops go back on when the vial is open which is handy too.

    I use Dwelle at night, when I wake up then I put in Artelac Advanced though instead of more Dwelle usually (not sure why, it's just easy to have an open vial of this by the bed I guess.

    Hope this helps.
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      Thank you so much!

      Yes this does help very much. I've tried to find somewhere to buy online but havent' been to locate a site so far.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks again,



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        I have pm'd you the pharacist in Germany that I have used (I don't live in Germany so they post to other countries) but their site is in german I'm afraid.
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