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reusable open eye drops

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  • reusable open eye drops

    The vials from the eye drop, the one that cannot be close once opened, do any of you still use the remaining drops for later on or do you throw it away once opened. I have thera tears and i cannot recap them as before andtheir is still lots of drop inside vial, a waste of drops in garbage ..mario

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    I reuse them all the time

    And have been since Theratears went to the new style of vial. I sterilized an old prescription bottle and keep the open vial in there in my purse as well as in my fridge.

    I also have some of the removeable caps from other eye drops that I can't use and while not a perfect fit, they stay on well enough to serve the purpose.

    Just be careful to keep track of when you opened the vial and when in doubt, throw it out.



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      do you cover the tip with something when inside the med bottle. if u don t cover tip, doesn t the tip lean against the side of bottle,,mario


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        yes and no

        Since I sterilzed the inside of the bottle, I don't usually bother since I know I will use the open vial by the end of the the past i have simpley wrapped it with a tissue but I've had zero problems either way


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          the cover top for bion tears vial also fits with the thera tears vial. That is what i am using for now....In addition, how long has thera tears changed its cover top....three months ago, i had the ones i was able to intact the cover, last week, i bought the thera tears and it was the ones i cannot close..mario


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            I'll be honest, the ones that won't re-cap I just stick them in my pockets...I know, I know...but my eyes are no worse for doing so...and I get rid of them within a day anyway.
            just keep swimming...