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a good over the counter eye drops

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  • a good over the counter eye drops

    hi gang

    can anyone reccommend a good over the counter eye drop that can lubracate the eyes till i get doctor help?thanks.


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    Eye drops are quite individual. A brand that works for one person might not work for another. You might check out the Polls forum. There is a poll there where people have indicated which drops they use. Might start with the the ones used most frequently then work backwards from there. The only drops that have given me any relief at all are TheraTears in the vials. Just be sure to give each drop a good couple of weeks before you decide they don't help you.
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      once again thanks kitty...



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        CS, I'll throw another line in here for you. TheraTears is always a good OTC drop and brings relief to many. Also Refresh Plus is another one I like. Other than the drops featured on this board, I buy those two brands.

        PS, Obviously, I didn't read Kitty's recommendation. Duh.
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          hay lucy

          thanks your the best...

          coon sanders


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            I have used so many over the years and if you need one that is thick, almost gel like, I have used Celluvisc which is made by Refresh Plus that Lucy mentioned.

            Also I have found that Target has them the cheapest as they can be quite expensive for a box.

            Systane is also a thick one but I usually got samples of those from my eye dr and not sure how much they are