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When blinking - my eyes make a noise?

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  • When blinking - my eyes make a noise?

    this only tends to occur when i'm in bed and have had my eyes closed for a while. i find that when i shut my eyes, my eyelid sticks to my eyeball, and then when i open then again i can hear what seems like the eyelid pulling off from my eye...

    i have a feeling that my eyes are getting too dry overnight - which is causing me problems later on during the day. Does anyone else get this at all...?


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    noisy eyes!!

    I get exactly the same thing. In fact, felt ridiculous asking my daughter the other day if she could hear my eyes!! Being 15, she looked at me like I had gone mad!! It is definitely the sound of unsticking. I get it, as with all my other symptoms, in the evening. When I wake in the morning I have to pull my eyes open with my fingers as they don't open unaided. When I'm going off to sleep, the eye ball feels huge within the socket, as well as incredibly dry. So I do sympathise.


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      Oh dear!!

      I don't know your full story but I would advise you to put something in your eye before going to bed...such as Genteal GEL...this works great at giving you some lub.

      Also in the morning drip pres. free eye drops into your eyes before opening your eye, and slowly bit by bit open your eyes.

      I'm not an expert on this but you need to be careful if you feel you are "peeling" your eyelid of your eye ball. i don't want to scare you but you want to do everything you can to make sure you don't damage your eyes while opening your eyes. Corneal erosions are caused by many things and I would advise you to do everything you can to prevent one...prevention being better than the cure and all that.

      Do you sleep with an you use a sleeping mask when sleeping. These are cheap but effective ways to help you sleep well, and wake well.



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        Thank you, all information appreciated. I have seen this "genteal gel" mentioned on the site lots of times. Not sure we can get it in the UK? Is it over the counter of perscription? I will investigate.