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  • Least irritating eyedrop

    Hi fellow sufferers,

    Sorry to start another topic on something that might seem done to death, but I feel that the question is specific enough to deserve its own thread.

    My question is, what have people found to be the least irritating eyedrop available on the market?

    I ask because I have found that every single eyedrop, gel, foam or DIY lid scrub product that I've used has given me a horrible burning and stinging sensation in my eyes, worse than how they feel with no treatment.

    Is there a general consensus on which drops are the most soothing / least irritating for sensitive eyes? Or is it really the case that everyone is different, and that a drop which is soothing for one person can react badly with another person (and vice versa)?

    I had aimed to try and battle this without drops - to just focus on the cause as opposed to the symptoms of my dry eyes - but I'm beginning to accept that symptom-attacking treatments like eyedrops form an essential part of any teatment regime.

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    Hi there Elltrev

    You are asking about the `least bad'? It can only be an individual thing.

    I get quite envious of people who seem to have identified `the one' because I haven't discovered it yet! Clinitas suits so many people yet it stings my eyes - as do so many drops.

    I didn't bother with drops for years because of this - but a recent visit to a consultant (one of many) revealed that my eyes were bone dry and at risk of damage. I'm trying something called Vismed Multi at the moment, and whilst not ideal, it doesn't seem to sting as much as the others. The `innovative multi-dose' bottle referred to below is difficult to use though.

    Vismed/Vismed Multi contains the perfect balance of viscosity (thickness) and relief of moderate dry eye symptoms. Presented in either convenient single use, preservative free vials ideal for occasional use or an innovative, multi-dose bottle which contains approximately 250 drops of preservative free solution


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      I believe that you need to keep looking to find the right drop. Only use those without preservatives and give each drop 2-4 weeks before you decide it is not the one. I find that when my eyes are the driest, everything stings, even PF drops. Probably as important as the drop is using it frequently enough.
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        For me, it's FreshKote. I am like you, in that I have a cabinet FULL of different eyedrops. It is the ONLY one that I have not had a bad reaction to.

        It's prescription-only, and I had to talk my eye doctor into it, but it was well worth it. Not a cure, but it is really helping.


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          It's trial and error, for sure. I love Dr. Holly's drops and prefer them, however when I'm out, I will get TheraTears in individual vials. I've found them to be good and non-irritating. Also Refresh Plus in individual vials. Lucy
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            Hi, it's such an indidual thing, but I like (well, like possibly not the right word), but get on best with Celluvisc eye drops, but to be honest when I'm really bad, usually at night, they don't do that much. I'm about to try Theratears, see how I get on with that. I would recommend you use drops without preservative in (apologies if you already knew that), as the preservative can aggrevate dry eye. Good luck!


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              hello elltrev,

              I totally identify, and can say to you, hand on heart "welcome to my world".

              I've tried just about everything over the last 2 years, and find that often then will work (a bit) for a day or two, then start to irritate and seem to make things works than they were before.

              This has made me nervous to try anything new, obviously.

              I was recently given some Clinitas Soothe to try, but havenn't plucked up the courage yet. Preservative free, obviously.

              It contaiins sodium hyalonaurate, at 0.4% - you can get a similar composition drop with a lower concentration (o.2%) which irish eyes sent me a sample of...but even that seemed too "thick".

              Only thing which seems to help me is warm compresses, foam lined goggled to protect my eyes, and regular expression of the meib. glands.

              Don't know what to suggest - but join the club.