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    My doctor just put me on Fresh Kote drops (by Rx) for severe evaporative dry eyes. I'm wondering if anyone has had good luck with them? If so, how long did it take? How many times a day did/do you use them? Do you alternate with other brands of drops? I have so many kinds in my medicine cabinet...I'm not sure whether Fresh Kote is to be striclty used alone (my doctor never mentioned this). I can see from using the drops once that it is not an instant fix.
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    Love them. Do a search on the forums - a lot of folks do. They're the only kind of drops I can use. They feel better some days than others, but they do help.


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      I am impressed that your doc knows about Freshkote...very few docs do.

      It is my favorite drop.

      Who is your doc? I may be taking a trip down to SoCal sometime soon...your doc seems very knowledgeable...if I don't feel much better, I think I will make an appt. Thanks!


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        outstanding Dr. Dan Carver in So. Cal.

        Hello...I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Dan Carver in Fountain Valley. He's an optometrist with a keen focus on the dry eye patient. After hearing him speak at the March meeting of the Dry Eye Support Group (in Orange County), I switched to him right away. Since then, I have gladly traveled the hour or so to get there from where I live in the Glendale area. He is, without a doubt, the most devoted & knowledgable doctor I have found...&, believe me, I have gone to a bunch. Can you imagine a doctor who will email you if you have a question? To summarize: I have a severe evaporative dry eye problem with some aqueous deficiency &, YES, he is the first doctor to mention or suggest Fresh Kote in 4+ years. I have just started using it & I am cautiously hopeful. I am also on a strict regimen of other therapies that he has me on. I had tried so many things in the last few years that I was getting quite discouraged. Now I totally believe that Dr. Carver will work with me step by step on my miserable condition. I have references from others who say this is true. His phone # is...714-263-0800...his website is Go see him.
        Good luck!


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          more ?? about Fresh Kote

          I appreciate the responses. How long were you on Fresh Kote before noticing any improvement? Were you using this drop exclusively? If so, how many times a day? Thanks for the encouragement about this product. I am on Day 2...


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            search: Freshkote

            Hi Diggylove,
            If you go to the top of the screen and click "search" and enter "freshkote" all one word you will find lots and lots of entries about it.

            Thanks for the information about Dr. Carver. I'm going to make an appointment with him. It sounds like it would be worth the drive for me, too.


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              Dr. Carver

              Hi Lynda,
              I'm glad you will see Dr. Carver. I will be eager to hear about your visit. Where do you live now? Obviously, you current doctor has put you on Fresh Kote already? like it. How long have you been on it? I am in such constant misery (dry, burning eyes) that I'm really hoping for a miracle. I also use Bio Tears supplements, & am really trying to be diligent about warm compresses, using OcuSoft extra strength wipes, etc. I just ordered a pair of Rx Panoptyx eyeglasses, too (very $$). It's a struggle that too much runs my life.
              Please keep in touch...
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