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Has anybody used Ocusan recently

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  • Has anybody used Ocusan recently

    I read a post from last year about the above, but has anybody used it recently. Just wondered if it had helped? It has Hyaluronic acid in it which I believe is good for dry eye. I was using Systane, which I have to say has been the best eye drop so far, but is beginning to be less effective. I'm sure the eyes become resistant to any drops over a period of time, and in fact start to make things worse. Has anybody found that too?

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    hi sally

    how are you hope your ok?
    i bought a box of ocusan bout month ago and didnt like them i found them really sticky but that could just be me and i know everyones different with drops so they could be ok for you but didnt suit me.
    if any i loved hycosan bit pricey thou.