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Mucosta and usage

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  • Mucosta and usage

    Hi there!

    I just picked up a box of Mucosta at the pharmacy and will be trying out the drops the next month and a half (if I can tolerante them and everything works out well, that is). They were prescribed by my eye doctor in Norway, but ordered from Japan and all the leaflets inside are written in Japanese (!). Luckily I found an English version on the net, and a friend will translate what's written on the boxes and small plastic bags (that came along with it).

    These drops are extremely expensive though, and at the time being they are not covered by the Norwegian state. I'm supposed to use 4 vials per day, and according to the description they should be tossed away directly after usage. I've been on Restasis since 2007, and during all these years I've been using every vial twice (keeping it in a small glass in the fridge for maximum 12 hours), and it has worked out all fine.

    Does anyone here on Dryeyezone use Mucosta, and know if the drops could be stored and re-used like described above?