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New online article: Assessing the dry eye drug pipeline

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  • New online article: Assessing the dry eye drug pipeline

    Read full article here: http://www.ophthalmologymanagement.c...ticleID=108878

    Hopefuls are:

    Tofacitinib (Pfizer, New York), a topical ophthalmic Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitor.

    Kineret (Amgen, Thousand Oaks, Calif.), an interleukin- 1 (IL-1) receptor antagonist.

    EBI-005 (Eleven Biotherapeutics, Cambridge, Mass.), an IL-1 signaling inhibitor;

    MIM-D3 (Mimetogen, Montreal, recently optioned to Bausch + Lomb), the tyrosine kinase receptor agonist.

    Lifitegrast, an integrin antagonist (Shire plc, Dublin, Ireland).

    Mucin-stimulating drugs such as rebamipide (Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, Tokyo) and diquafosol (Merck, Whitehouse Station, N.J.).

    Dual JAK/spleen tyrosine kinase Syk inhibitors (Aciex Therapeutics, Boston)

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    New week and good news

    Thank you for the article!


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      Some of the drugs displayed above are already in oral form and I've noticed a connection. The Tyrosine Kinase and Syk inhibitors are used on Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML or simply white blood cells/immunity). A few of these drugs known as Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors work rather well on CML are Imatinib, Nilotinib, Bosutinib. They basically knock out the signalling involved with myelogenous stem cells in bone marrow. So they are working at making a drop that knocks out the immune system, and is simply is a mimic of a drug already being used. Afterall, Cyclosporine was already used in organ transplants.