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Ikervis and Monopex

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  • Ikervis and Monopex

    I was hoping to get some information from someone with experience. I have reently been diagnosed with MGD and dry eye and my eye-doctor told me to use the following: Monopex and Ikervis. Monopex for 10 days to combat redness and Ikervis to combat the dry eye. I have met so many eye-doctors saying different things, and the last thing I want is to make things worse. Does it sound like a good idea to follow the program my doctor has given me? No rebound effect or anything associated with using these products? Thank you very much for any help!

    I have been told to use Ikerivs which contains (from Google translate): Ciclosporin 1 mg, cetalkonium chloride 0.05 mg, medium-term triglycerides, glycerol, tyloxapol, poloxamer 188, sodium hydroxide (for pH adjustment), water for injections. Without preservatives.

    I have been told to use Monopex which contains (from Google translate): Deksmetasone sodium phosphate dexamethasone phosphate 1 mg, disodium edetate, disodium phosphate dodecahydrate, sodium chloride, water for injections to 1 ml. Contains no preservative.

    Best regards

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    I am no expert on any of these medications that you are taking, in fact I have never even heard of them but I am happy to see that neither are preserved with BAK, that to me is the most important thing.


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      Doctors mainly start Ciclosporin (Ikervis) with Steroids (Dexamethasone) for about first 1 month in order to reduce initial inflammation associated with Ciclosporin. After 1 month you will continue to use Ikervis and stop Monopex. Well, I have to say that this is a generally accepted principal by ophtalmologists and it does not cause rebound effect in general. It is a good start to cure dry eye. I hope this will help your eyes to recover soon.. You also have to be aware that it takes a few months at least to see the positive effects of Ciclosporine.. I recommend to see your doctor again after first month.


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        Chuto is right. Now doctors (at least I know in USA) prefer such approach to put MGD under control sooner.
        Good to ask dr your causes and/or inflammation issues.
        If inflammation, suggest you also try diet, for example omega 3 - should get better results too.


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          Appreciate your replies, thank you!

          My doctor said to use Monopex first, then (after 20 days of Monopex) move on to Ikervis. He also recommended using Monopex for 20 days, while I see Norwegian authorities say Monopex must not be used for more than 14 days. But we are pretty much an overprotective nanny-state. So chuto and MGD1701, you know for a fact that steroids are used for up to 1 month? Then that is great, and I will just follow the program my doctor set out for me. Thanks again!


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            Hi Hellighansen
            Just wanted to clarify - I meant Ciclosporin (Ikervis) approach.
            Monopex: I have no idea about it.