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Kenalog Injection???

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  • Kenalog Injection???

    Hey Gang,

    I haven't posted in a while but I check in nearly every day for a couple of minutes. We have a 8 week old addition to the family and between him and our three year old I have barely found enough time to keep on top of work stuff.
    I just received a subconjunctival injection of kenalog (steroid) into each eye to help minimize inflammation. The doctor said that it should last 6-8 wks. I was quite nervous about it but figured that I would give it a try and see what happens. Has anyone else had this done or have any input?

    Doctor mentioned sun damage and pinguecula as well in nasal side of both eyes.


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    Hi DN, congrats on the "new 8 week old" in your household. I'm guessing "him" is a baby boy and not a new puppy as you mention your three year old in the same sentence.

    I do hope this injection does something to make you feel better. I don't think I've ever heard of this before. Lucy
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      Oh dear, I've just had some disastrous results from Kenalog injected into the eye, sure hope it doesn't happen to you. Please keep us posted. I can no longer read more than the first line on an eye chart. Will try to get a test somewhere else, hopeful, since it is rather dark in that office.

      Most doctors seem greatly prejudiced against computers, frankly, and don't keep up with warnings or latest developments since they were in school.

      I may not pass next driving exam. Too late to help myself but maybe others, I'm researching online, found that Kenalog is not even licensed for the Eye, but opthalmologists have been using it for 30 yrs anyway because it helps some people. Hope you're one of those. Most don't have a noticeable problem with the first injection but it may have caused loss of vision for me when I had cataract surgery, can cause need for that. One site even said it can cause blindness.

      I've found, but not enough details yet, corticosteroids injected into the Eye are a no-no especially for those with Low Thyroid, even if on large doses of thyroid medication. Do your own online research. I haven't been able yet to find out exactly why HypoThyroidism causes a drainage problem, a/k/a "Metabolic Clearance" problem. (Damage done before starting thyroid/diabetes meds decades before?) I'm now GUESSING that my thyroid med may not be working well for me, belong to some forums. Typically, doctors tend to try to blame us, instead of their own failure to keep up. Diabetes may not have been diagnosed until it caused Eye Damage, but it's assumed you didn't manage well, or walk enough. It's self-defense to do our own study. In advance before trying things, though it may cost us for an extra visit.
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        Wow, after reading this I REALLY REALLY hope this didn't turn into one of the bad cases and REALLY REALLY hope it's was one of good ones.

        What ended up happening? Note this was posted in 2008.


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          I have definitely thought about getting a kenalog injection - definitely. I am wondering if things get better for you Eagle?


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            Originally posted by NeedMyEyes View Post
            I have definitely thought about getting a kenalog injection - definitely. I am wondering if things get better for you Eagle?
            I want to get this done. I wonder if getting it under the eyes would possibly help decrease the swelling, at least of the lower eyelids. I wish more people would post about this! I am also curious to find out if the injection helped the original poster.


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              I'm still doing online searches, hopefully not going to further damage my eyes, to try to find out why HypoThyroid people have a drainage problem and if anything can be done to remove Kenalog residue which I just found out this summer seems to have been in there 5 or 6 years. People at another forum, I'm not sure I'm allowed to name here, and maybe someone will let me know, say they had no problem with the first injection. Some have had quite a few injections, no problem, no Thyroid problem I assume. Can't remember if it was an Eye and Thyroid forum or just Eye. I'll have to find out how long after my first injection that I needed cataract surgery, and whether the lens implant prevented further drainage, may not be able to get a straight answer because they may feel legally liable. I'm an older person, also have Dry Eye, and wonder if that could also cause Kenalog damage. You'll all want to know that too. Please keep us all posted on whatever you find. Thanks.

              Wouldn't an antibiotic from our Primary Care doctors take care of the inflammation instead of having any kind of injection right into the eyeball? The needle could conceivably nick a nerve, I would think.


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                Early 2012 Reply

                Angela and NeedMyEyes, and Everyone, 1-14-2012

                Sorry I haven't had a chance to get back here in quite a while, hope you're still around.

                The Kenalog still isn't draining out, and I'm thinking of trying another opthalmologist to see if there's anything that can be done.

                I'd be afraid of vitrectomy, so many errors have already been made, last three. Couple of days ago I bought a new bottle at Walmart of I-CAPS with LUTEIN, and something that starts with X, and it seems to help me more than anything. Was able to read a third line on an eye chart at Walgreens' yesterday! Where they sell readers. Don't know yet if I'm hopefully maybe 20/35 instead of 20/30, or if it was just temporary. I was already taking 5 or 6kinds of eye supplements, including Ginko Biloba, also for memory, you know, and Bilberry, RetinaVites, Vitamin E and Zinc, Occuvites, and I forget what else. Last official exam, this past summer, I'd gone down from 20/40 to 20/30, am living in fear of not passing 2013 Michigan driving test, since a second injection of Kenalog into my better eye, without telling me Kenalog's a no-no for hypo-thyroid patients, won't drain out. They assumed my very large dose of thyroid medication was working properly, but there's Thyroid Resistance and other things, Thyroid a very complicated subject, they're just now finding out more about. Please share if you've heard of anyone finally getting Kenalog to drain out, and imo we should always avoid any eye injections or even drops, if our Primary Care doctors can do something for our inflammation. Someone said in another forum, if you're allergic to Neosporin and Quinalones, be sure to mention it because lots of drops contain those, and dilating or deadening drops can have Atropine, cause heart attacks, especially if you have heart conditions. Sure hope this helps someone have better luck than I did, and will help me get some better results too. Thanks.
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