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Too young for punctal cautery?

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  • Too young for punctal cautery?

    Hello Friends,

    Looking for your advice on cautery.

    I have severe MGD for 2 years, got quadra plugged recently and it seems to help but my plugs keep falling out - mostly the top ones and they also scratch the eye / one got an infection. etc

    I see 2 eye drs, one wants to cauterize the other says no, that im too young and its permanent. I am 35.

    I am considering getting top left cauterized as that's my worse eye and the one that keeps falling out.

    what are your thoughts? Does it seem likely that there will be a time in the future where my eyes return totally to normal (i just don't see this day coming!) and I will be overflowing? If that happened, would just removing bottom plug be enough to be working fine again?

    Interested in your thoughts and experiences.
    kind regards