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Dissolving plugs really bugging me!

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  • Dissolving plugs really bugging me!

    I had dissolving plugs put in several years ago and they were really nice. After they dissolved I had regular plugs put in, but my ducts turn inward and they rubbed against my eye. It was a horribly painful 24 hours until they were removed. A new doc today put in dissolvable ones and I honestly feel like when I close my eyes hard or look a certain way they are rubbing against my eye. Is that even possible given that they go down inside the duct? How can the dissolvable ones be removed? This is a pretty uncomfortable feeling. Can I make them dissolve faster? Thanks

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    While I don't have any experience with dissolving plugs, I had permanent plugs put in a few weeks ago. I can tell you that I was miserable for the first week or so, to the point where I'd have a hard time driving or doing anything that required looking around. I'd almost just want to cry. I even went in to see my optometrist after a couple days because I was concerned they were rubbing on my eye. He told me they were fine and to give it another week or so. Now I can't feel them at all, unless I look to the extreme right or left and all the way down. My advice is to give it a few more days. You could always go in and have your doc check them if your concerned. I know plugs don't work for everyone. Best of luck!