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Punctal Plugs

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  • Punctal Plugs

    Hey all,

    I've had the permanent umbrella type, I believe they're referred to, puntal plugs for around a month now, just in my lowers. They aren't giving me much pain or discomfort anymore which is great! My questions is, how easily can these plugs come out? The plug in my right eye seems to be sticking out quite a bit further than the plug in my left eye. It I look closely at it, I can sometimes see the little "stem" which is inserted into my eye. I was at my optometrist's office last week and he didn't say anything about it, so I'm assuming it's okay! I'm just curious how easily these fall out! It seems to be hanging on so far!


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    BBKelsey, the first few the doctor put on for me dropped out within a few days. There were a couple of tries but the ones I m wearing now have been on me for 2 years. So if they fall out try different ones till they fit well.