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Punctal plug has made a hole in my puncta, now have punctal piercing..(pic included)

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  • Punctal plug has made a hole in my puncta, now have punctal piercing..(pic included)

    How bad is it do you think? It was inflamed and weirdly angled, this has happened before but I think it settled down, this time it appears to have gone through the skin.. Caused by simple inflammation from the plug? or maybe infection?

    The plug is still effective, inflammation has settled down.. problem is I now have a hole in the skin by my puncta, it's been like this for ~ a week.. It's probably healed now and formed scar tissue no? Won't this mean I now have a permanent hole in my puncta?

    If that is the case, do you think it is very bad? Might be hard to put in another punctal plug, maybe an intracanicular or cauterization would work? I suppose this hole will be irrelevant with an intracanicular plug/cauterization?

    Could the hole heal? If I had gone to the doctors immediately then I imagine so, but now that it's been a while and it's all settled down is it too late now?

    Also, I have another plug in my other eye that is worrisome, it was an external punctal plug that I pushed in because my doctor told me it was an intracanicular plug when it wasn't, now it's in there and the puncta is red/inflamed, but doctors can't see it and don't seem to care, doctor just put a new external plug on top of it.

    This other eye is my worst eye, extremely painful ache in my lacrimal gland and it's the most dry eye, I think there is an infection of the lacrimal gland.. or something, could this be caused by this other plug?
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    I say find a new doc....quick


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      Update: went to doctor, they removed it pretty easily.