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Another Smart plug removal - how did yours go?

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  • Another Smart plug removal - how did yours go?

    Hi, folks. It's been a while. Hope everyone is well.

    Just wanted to add this to the list of folks who had issues with Smart plugs. I have had one upper plug for about 6 or so years. In two weeks, I am having it removed due to a recurring infection. Thank goodness my doctor is not going to do that irrigation procedure. Basically, they will dilate the puncta and first try to squeeze the plug out.

    I did see a Google image of a procedure that looks like a little "ice cream scoop" removing the plug. This may have been a granuloma of some sort, and not necessarily a plug.

    Does the "squeeze the plug out" method sound pretty commonplace to you? I trust my doc, just wanted to see what your experiences were.

    I sooo do not want to do anything like irrigation, only to have the thing get lodged somewhere it doesn't need to be. Why does the Smart plug company even recommend this method on their website? It sounds risky.