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Lotemax & Polymyxin for Dry Eyes

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  • Lotemax & Polymyxin for Dry Eyes

    Hello. Its been a while since I posted. I went to my eye doctor this morning for what I thought was an eye infection. Ive been having very strange visual symptoms for about a week. I wear soft toric contact lenses and thought perhaps I had overused my lenses. I know i had some corneal edema because I was seeing Halos, rainbows and starbursts around headlights and having sensitivity to light. This morning I put my contact lenses in after sitting in the enzymatic cleaner all night and it stung so incredibly bad. It felt like the solution never neutralized but it was well over the time limit.

    My ophthalmologist prescribed me Lotemax (one drop 4 times per day in each eye) and polymyxin B sulfate-trimethoprim antiobiotic drops (one drop in both eyes 2xs daily). After a quick exam, and normal pressures he is suspecting my issue is dry eyes and told me to not wear my contacts for four days. He prescribed a preventative antibiotic but said I have no infection. I go back next Monday for a Dry Eye evaluation.
    Not sure what to expect. I love wearing contacts. I do not want glasses.