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  • Neo Poly Dex

    Anyone else have any experience with this prescription ointment? My new eye doctor has me smearing it on my lid seams and lashes before bed and it's been really helping a lot with my MGD related night time eye sticking. In fact the combo of restasis, Neo Poly Dex and Muro has pretty much eliminated it. I've had no sticking for three weeks now, and even when waking during the night and morning my eyes are hardly even dry. This comes after 2.5 years of nightly problems. I'm actually feeling normal again for the first time since November of 2011.

    The Restasis and Muro were helping, but it seems like the addition of the Neo Poly Dex has really put the regimen over the top.

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    I'm glad to hear it's working for you! I was once prescribed Neo Poly Dex for a keratitis infection, and unfortunately it ended up raising my eye pressure, so I had to stop using it. As a side note, I was 3 months post-LASIK at the time.