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How many drops in lotemax bottle?

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  • How many drops in lotemax bottle?

    My doctor started me on Lotemax gel drops last week. $30 for a small bottle, 5gm.

    Anyone have any idea how many drops of this gel are in a bottle? Supposed to use one drop four times a day in each eye, but since using it that often seems to make my very dry eyes feel even worse, have used only three times a day. Trying to figure out when I should get refill so I do not run out at an awkward time. The bottle does not feel like it has much left after ten days.

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    IMPORTANT: this conversion is for liquids. I'm not sure if it works for gels (thoughts, anyone?)

    If you have a 10ml bottle...

    10 ml = 10 cc
    1 cc = 20 drops

    Therefore, a 10 ml bottle contains 200 drops.


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      I just read online (so take with a grain of salt) that for gels, suspensions, or liquids kept in the fridge:

      1 ml = 15 drops

      So, 10 ml bottle contains approx 150 drops of gel, suspension, or liquids kept in the fridge.

      Hope something in the above helps!


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        Thanks. I can tell tonight that bottle is nearly empty - 9 days X 8 drops a day = 72 drops of gel.
        My insurance company won't pay for a refill until Sunday. No way there's enough in the bottle to
        last until then, since the last time I used it, I got this sound you get when you squeeze a ketchup
        bottle that's nearly empty. The bottle is 5 grams of gel - I can't figure out how to convert that to
        ml. No way there are 200 drops in that bottle, or even 150.

        I know you're not supposed to stop any steroid suddenly - but I'm not sure I'm going to have a
        choice unless my doc has some sample bottles stashed away. Going to talk to CVS about refill
        tomorrow, but they have it scheduled for the 19th.

        I wish this were the good old days when doctors practiced medicine, not insurers or pharmacies
        or the DEA . . .