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  • Zithromax Dose?

    Per my request, I was given an RX for oral zithromax because I fear the BAK in the drop. But I also fear the side effects of the oral pill. This is because there can be sometimes permanent affects from meds even when stopped. I was scared taking doxy because of the cases I read where a couple young ladies developed blindness, though one they treated and she was able to get back to normal or close to, the other one they could not. Both were healthy too, not predisposed to anything. And this was after only a few weeks worth at the same dose I was prescribed. I know this won't happen with most people but I get scared since it's still possible.

    So now being the loser that I am, I worry about the possibility of loss of taste and smell with Zithromax. My eyes are killing me so I will try to ignore my fears. But I am not sure about this dosage. I changed insurance so I can't even ask the doctor about it. It says Azithromycin 250mg each, take 4 tablets at once (total 1 gram) by mouth once a week for 3 weeks. I have 12. I took only one today but worry it won't work if I take one a day. I read here where people took smaller doses at once but everyday.

    I know I should trust the doctor but I've been burned so much that I feel the need for that 2nd opinion and I need to know why I do what I do. Also, if doctors don't tell you much, it's harder to form that trust and most I've seen really don't care it seems. I know there are some out there that do, I just haven't personally had them. Any advice appreciated on the dosage. Thanks!