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Azasite online without prescription

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  • Azasite online without prescription

    Hello all,

    I've just recently had another appointment at Moorfields (I have ocular rosacea & MGD) and the doctor I saw told me that one of his patients managed to buy Azasite from the UK online on an American or Canadian website - but unfortunately he didn't know what website it was.

    I remember looking into this a couple of years ago and have also recently tried to search for an online website that will sell it, but they all seem to want a prescription, which I don't have (not an American one anyway).

    Does anyone know of a website where I can get hold of it? I've tried Azyter, which is available in the UK, but it has a stronger concentration of azithromycin (1.5%) than Azasite and my eyes just can't tolerate it.

    Would love to be able to get hold of Azasite as I'm nearly at the end of my tether with my eyes - particularly the eyelid swelling, which is just always there now (periorbital swelling - puffiness round my lower lid).

    Hope someone can help!