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  • Unisol 4

    is being discontinued as of December 2015. I was at BFS for my yearly check up and they gave me the word which was confirmed by Alcon when I called. Apparently,
    Alcon is unable to get an ingredient to make the sterile saline and will stop producing it as of the end of the year. Just wanted to let everybody know.

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    Amyfloor thank you for letting us know. i normally use the saline vial from Addipak but I have used these on occassion.


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      Thanks Much for the heads up, I just ordered a bunch on Amazon. I don't use it often but it comes in handy when I need it. For those who get preservative free saline elsewhere what brand do you use and where do you get it? I would prefer to get smaller vials of preservative free saline because like I said I don't use uni-sol 4 often and it says to toss after 30 days of opening it.


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        I, too, ordered a bunch from Amazon but it is not a long term solution. I am pretty devastated since I cannot use the pink vials of sodium chloride (burned and eyes turned red) My doc prescribed another sterile saline which is only available via prescription which also burned my eyes. Simply Saline, which comes in an aerosol can is very close to Unisol 4 and doesn't burn but there is a problem with microscopic bubble when filling the devices. I am going to try it and see if they dissipate.... I think it's the buffering of the saline which keeps me comfortable. Maybe a compounding pharmacy could make it for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated!