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PuriLens Preservative-Free Saline at Bed, Bath & Beyond!

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  • PuriLens Preservative-Free Saline at Bed, Bath & Beyond!

    Rebecca just shared in her Dry Eye Kerato Scoop newsletter today that PuriLens Plus Preservative-Free saline will now be available locally at Bed, Bath & Beyond Stores/Harmon Drugstores…yay for us scleral lens users!

    For those of you who might not know, on most items in their store, BBB allows you to use as many 20% off one item coupons and $5 off $15 total purchase coupons at a time. These BBB coupons are always coming in regular mail, e-mail, and magazines, and if not, ask your friends and family to save them for you if they receive them. And BBB will take their expired coupons too, and allow you to use current manufacturer coupons at the same time (like for artificial tears, vitamins, shampoo, etc.), often I’ve saved anywhere from 20-50% off retail. Also their retail prices are decent. So assuming BBB does not list PuriLens in the fine print on their coupons as an exclusion and allow it like they did for Unisol 4, you can save a lot of money on this and other drugstore items. Just wanted to share about the coupons because all this stuff can cost a small fortune!

    Besides for sclerals, I also use preservative-free saline to rinse my eyes of the residue from lid scrubs and from rx drops with preservatives I’m currently taking for another eye issue. I’ve also heard others in this forum use the saline as an eye wash, or in place of or in addition to artificial tears to moisten and refresh their eyes. So preservative-free saline can be helpful for more than scleral users too, although if you do not use a lot of it within a few days, better to buy the smaller vials/sizes of other preservative-free saline available from Rebecca or on-line, vs. the PuriLens bottles.

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    BTW, Rebecca has a great $10 off $50 coupon for the Dry Eye Shop if you click on the link in her KeratoScoop newsletter sent out yesterday. So I just ordered 24 bottles of PuriLens today from her, even though I just bought 24 from her last week (which don't expire until mid-2018). Good idea to stock up like she suggests, before the manufacturer raises PuriLens prices 20% starting March - ouch! Hopefully the manufacturer does not continue to raise prices...they basically have a monopoly on the preservative-free (buffered) saline market.