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  • Need some advice please

    I could really use some advice from forum participants.Thank you in advance.

    I have been suffering from severe dry eye since April 25th, 2017, when I had a "Raindrop" inlay implanted in my right eye with lasik surgery. The inlay itself seems to be fine, but the resulting dry eye has been intolerable. On top of that, within a week of the surgery, I somehow suffered a corneal abrasion and flap protrusion. According to the doctors, that is all healed now, but the severe dry eye remains.

    I have been on Restasis for one month, autologous serum for one week, prednisolone for one month, high quality fish oil for two and a half months. Since May, I have had three dehydrated membranes and one Prokera membrane. They all helped to improve the cornea, but the dry eye remains.

    I know it's relatively early in the treatment game, but I continue to suffer severely. I can no longer function at work and can barely function at home. I am on anti-depressants, and fast becoming addicted to Ativan which is the only thing that gives me some relief and much needed sleep and escape. But I am becoming addicted, only adding another problem to my fast growing list.

    The docs tell me I have to give my healing more time and that it is possible that once the nerves regenerate, or the Restasis kicks in, my dry eye will abate. They tell me they've seen this before post lasik. It could take another three months, six months or longer, and of course there is no guarantee it will ever resolve at all.

    I have been corresponding with the wonderful Dr. Gemoules of Laserfit in Texas. He answers every one of my emails in a thorough and thoughtful way. He is clearly an extraordinary human being and a fantastic doctor.

    My question is this. Given the severity of my symptoms, Is it time to try a scleral lens even though my treatment is still in its early stages?

    I live in NYC so Prose would be much more convenient for me, but Dr. Gemoules is less expensive and possibly a better lens and fit, however it would require a trip to Texas and difficulties with follow up If necessary.

    Please let me know what you think. I am really suffering and at the end of my rope.

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    Hi Norabo. I have read many good things about Dr. Gemoules. I personally have had a great experience with Boston PROSE. The practitioners are all extensively trained, and my doctor got it right for me on one fitting, and I usually don't remember that I have them on. If you are able to tolerate sclerals, I think with either Gemoules or PROSE, you have the best chances of getting a good fit and successfully being able to wear the lenses.

    If you have insurance, the PROSE fitters will do all the paperwork and coordinate with insurance for you. Often, but not always, the PROSE lenses are covered at least partially by insurance. My insurance covered almost all of it.

    If you have insurance, it might be worthwhile just to go to the PROSE fitter closest to you so they can put the lenses in your eyes for an hour or so, to see if in general you can tolerate sclerals and if it helps. If you can wear them, then you can have them check your insurance to see how much your out-of-pocket would be, then decide between PROSE vs. Gemoules. And then you'll be all set to start the fitting process, if your pain level does not improve in the next months and you decide sclerals is the only option left.

    It can take awhile for both Restasis and autologous serum tears to work, so perhaps those may end up helping you over the next few months. Sometimes doctors have patients put the serum tears (or other drops) in the sclerals, to get the benefit of it helping the cornea heal all day long.

    I hope you get relief soon.
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      Thank you so much Hokucat. Your post is very encouraging and I need all the encouragement I can get.


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        Hi norabo
        Seems you have tried everything. Good you tackle it actively and early enough to avoid more damages.
        I have MGD and many glands are gone as untreated for some years by several doctors.
        After trying this and that, my eyes are now pretty good - takes 13 months.
        LipiFow helped me opened glands. I did not have Restasis nor autologous serum but they are effective, what I have read.

        What I have done:
        *identify root causes and problems so you can deal with them step by step but at the same time

        *keep learning/trying new things (as unfortunatley doctors are NOT always right, nor solution-driven)

        *pay attention to detail as little things matter.
        *find a real expert
        *be positive and a bit of tenacity!

        Good luck!
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