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  • Atlantis scleral lenses

    Hello everyone, I have severe dry eye and I believe, have tried everything. After touching rock bottom 2 months ago I started wearing Atlantis scleral lenses. We are still working on the fitting but it has helped me a lot already. However my eyes get bloodshot after 2 hours wearing the lenses. After reading several posts on the forum I realized there are so many brands of sclerals on the market and I wonder if I should have shopped around before getting mine? Atlantis is the brand that my ophthalmologist works with and I trust him. I have no vision problems so the lenses only purpose is to help with my dry eye, they are neutral. Have you guys heard about this brand? Itís nowhere to be found on the forum.
    Why having bloodshot eyes while feeling so comfortable wearing them. They donít hurt at all. They are mini sclerals (15mm), would a bigger diameter make a difference?
    I fill the lenses with Refresh Plus preservative free tears, should I try a different brand of artificial tears?
    Thank you for your help

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    When I wore the BFS lenses my eyes would get really red initially because they were so difficult to put in. Then they would calm down for a few hours and look pretty good. Then theyíd get really red again.

    I noticed the larger lenses cover up the red viens but as soon as I took them out I could tell they were a really red underneath.

    I think it might just be a reality of having lenses in the eye. Itís a foreign object and your body doesnít really want it there.

    If you feel better with them in Iíd keep using them though


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      Thank you for your response, sorry I just saw it. What is BFS?
      It doesn't seem like the redness is such a common issue... I have hope that maybe doctors at UCLA or USC have the technology to offer a superior fitting... I'm gonna keep looking, thank you again.


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        Here has been my experience with sclerals. I had some mini sclerals but one worked really well and was helpful, not so much the other. It was like it didn't vault the cornea. I then tried the larger ones. By then I was sensitive to everything that went into my eye. The drops to fill them, the cleaners, you name it. In the end I found I could tolerate the lenses if I filled them with non preserved saline in the small nebulizer 3 or 5 ml tubes, not the stuff in the big bottle. If I cleaned them with the peroxide system I could tolerate that. In the end they just were not comfortable and I abandoned them....sigh.


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          Thank you Farmgirl, this is pretty much my story. The mini sclerals helped me so much but in order to be comfortable with them they had to be "tight" which compressed my eyes too much. We were not able to find a fit that is at the same time comfortable and not damaging for my eyes. So at the moment, sclerals are not an option for me either. So sad.