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Dr. Gemoules and my first custom fitted Scleral Lens

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  • Dr. Gemoules and my first custom fitted Scleral Lens

    I realized I posted my thread about my scleral fittings in 2 different forums, when they probably should both be here. Basically I saw the doctor at U of I first to test try a stock Jupiter Lens and a PROSE lens first. I enjoyed the experience and saw potential with these lenses, but ultimately decided to have my lens fitted and made in Houston by Dr. G instead for a number of reasons. I'm very happy with my decision. This thread in the patient forum lists my reasons, and my experiences with sclerals to date and the products I'm finding work best with them:

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    Here is a follow up video I made about the routine I do now, and products I use

    And a link to an instruction guide at Boston Sight with great information (applies to most sclerals):

    My favorite youtube video of a random person putting in their scleral lens at home. (I found this before I got my lens made)


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      Again, thank you for the links. The PDF is quite informative.


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        I put all my videos and closeup pictures of my lens on this webpage: