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Scleral and redness

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  • Scleral and redness

    I have two questions:
    Has scleral increased or decreased your redness?
    Do you know if "esthetic" therapeutic scleral lenses exists, somewhere in the world? I mean, scleral lenses, with "white" sclera...
    I just cant stand this anymore. =(

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    I'm wondering the same thing. My eyes look very bloodshot all the time when I wear the lenses and it takes days for them to clear up. I'm wondering if the suction it too much or of they are not quite the right fitting. Others with more experience?

    I got my lenses in July, but really didn't need them until fall. Then I got eye infections. I don't know if I'm allergic to the solution or if it's a lens


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      How much pop do you get when they come off? I have one bad eye and one good eye. Generally I've found when I've had redness, my good eye is actually more red than my bad eye. So I figure it's probably an allergy thing for me. On regular days I can stick my removal plunger in my eye and pop my lens out without holding the lids and without thinking about it. On "red" days I notice the Total Recall new atmosphere effect and have to go back and make sure to put a drop in first to loosen the suction. It doesn't hurt or do any damage or anything. Just kinda freaky when I'm not expecting it. I had been having somewhat red eye days maybe once every other month, but this past month I've noticed it maybe 3 times. My theory is that on allergy days my eyeball gets inflamed so the lens fits slightly more firmly. But I'm going to ask Dr G about it next time I'm down there. Taking a daily otc allergy medication seemed to help me previously, although right now I think my that med has stopped working for me.

      Maybe try using just sterile saline vials as drops for a couple days and see if it makes any difference. That could narrow down if it's a solution problem. I have the best luck with Blink Contacts right now. For a while I was using Refresh Optive and some other Refresh version, but I was getting a ton of clouding (mostly on the outside I think) so I switched and that problem went away.

      Also, what are you using to clean the lenses? I've heard that some people changed their cleaning regiment and had good luck with it. They added a daily rub of lobob before the hydrogen peroxide soak.

      I've also heard of people getting a (first, or follow-up) plasma treatment done to the lenses. It makes them more wettable (something about ions and molecules).

      How often are you putting drops over the lens?