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Scleral Lens Plungers / Inserters - rubber or silicone

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  • Scleral Lens Plungers / Inserters - rubber or silicone

    I was shopping pricing out some plungers and I came across inserter plungers that are made out of silicone instead of rubber. They look the same, but thinner (and say "thin walls for easier squeezing"). And they are cheaper. Has anyone tried these?

    Also, what do you use to clean your plungers? I haven't found a great solution. Soaking in hydrogen peroxide (with or without neutralizer disk) seems to leave white deposits. Wiping with alcohol needs to be rinsed really well or is irritating. And the rubber plungers seem to attract dust, which gets worse when I try to wipe it off with my cheap paper towels or cheap walmart wash cloths.

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    Mine are the rubber ones. I did not know the silicone ones.Click image for larger version

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      I found a good way to clean the tools. I boil water, and take it off the stove (or microwave) and then let my plungers soak in it. Then squeeze and shake and lay out to thoroughly dry. I though it would be a hassle, but it's actually much easier than cleaning and rinsing each individual one with other stuff.