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Confusion about dexterity, practicality and filling solutions

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  • Confusion about dexterity, practicality and filling solutions

    Hi. I live in England and got my pair of scleral lens from Dr. Ken Pullum. He suggested me use Lens Plus Ocupure to fill in my scleral lens before inserting them with my right hand.

    This works generally well but when I attempt to switch to some preservative-free solution, it tend to be unsuccessful.

    The problem is that my scleral routine is like this: i hold a scleral lens in my right hand, disinfect it and rinse it. I would only have my left hand free, that means that i would have to use only my left hand to open the preservative-free solution vial. When it comes to some vials (e.g. vials for Celluvisc), it seems to be next to impossible to open it single-handed. When it comes to Steripod, it seems that however i open a vial (even with my two hands both free), some saline in this vial would always come out and drip down through the external surface of the vial, that means if i drop the remaining saline in the scleral lens, it could not be without contamination because some saline attached to the external surface of the vial would always come together into my scleral lens.

    Therefore my questions are: (1) do all the scleral lens users who use unpreserved saline in vials have to open a vial with only one hand? (2) if by any chance there are steripod-users in this forum, do you also encounter this problem, and how do you solve it? (3) concerning my problem, would you advise me to use some certain brands of unpreserved saline which are in the vials with good designs that could enable me to open them single-handed? (4) is it ok for me to use the unpreserved saline contained in a vial within 5 minutes after the vial is opened?

    Sorry English is not my first language...


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    I think you are putting way too much caution into this. Sterile saline does get contaminated unless you are touching you are touching something gross with it. Clean the counter, maybe put down a dry clean wash cloth, wash your hands and set the saline on there open before you start. I disinfect with clearcare overnight, so I don't do any redisinfecting or rinsing before insertion. I use either uninsol 4 (a larger bottle) or addi-pack simple sterile saline vials. I use the same one for multiple uses, and just set it upside down in a cup so the tip isn't touching anything between uses. Don't worry so much.


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      Hi L8rgator. Thank you for your reply so much. I tried addipak today and till now it works very well. Also I get your point of not being too nervous about hygiene and I think I would follow this advice. Just to clarify, you said you use a same addipak vial for multiple uses, do you mean that you use one vial in two or more mornings? Thanks.


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        I use one vial until it's empty - so for many mornings. And to be honest, if I use addipaks I usually twist the top off with my teeth. Umm probably not recommended, but I figure the nozzle of the vial is far enough from my mouth (and the twist off part it's grabbing) that it can't get touch-contaminated. More often I unisol though personally.