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Post Surgical Contact Lens Fitters Canada

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  • Post Surgical Contact Lens Fitters Canada

    Has anybody had success with a post surgical contact lens fitter here in Canada. My prescription is only maybe +.25 to +.5 but the dry eye is whats doing me in, was hoping that I might be able to find a scleral lens maker here.
    I'm in Alberta.

    So far this is the only guy that I'm thinking might be able to help:
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    Aaron, my opinion is that I had an uneasy feeling while reading through this website. Too many "new age" and flaky-type things involved for me since this is about VISION. Not about Tao.

    I'd do lots of investigation. Also, how far are you from the US border? Good luck in whatever you do. Lucy
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      Yes the Holistic vision stuff might be a little much.

      I'm probably something like 800 miles north of Montana. If I ever decide to go and try and get fitted somewhere in the states it will probably be quite the trip, only 2 places I could think of would be Boston (BFS) or Texas (Dr.G). The contacts would probably be more for the pain but would also hopefully help out with the halos at night. I'm going to see what my opthamologist says when I go to pick up my Restasis, last time I talked to him he seemed to dismiss the idea of getting contact lenses as unnecessary/unhelpful for the vision and the pain.