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Question about contact lens

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  • Question about contact lens

    If you were able to progress from the moderate/severe dry eye to just the mild dry eye, you might be much more comfortable with your eyes but still contact lens intolerant.

    If soft contacts aren't an option cause of dryness, and corneal gp's don't work too well either, are mini-scleral GP's a reasonable alternative to a mild dry eye case? I don't think I'd touch a soft contact lens again, but the mini scleral ones seem appealing. Any thoughts?

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    There are quite a few posts about people successfully wearing some type of gas perm lens. Some people even experience a reduction of symptoms. Check out Dr. Gemoules located in Texas, who use to contribute to this board. He is supposed to be a master in contact lens, makes all kinds of lens, use lens to treat eye conditions, and even makes custom sclerals himself. If nothing works, I will probably fly out there to see him.


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      Hi Michael,

      You can also check out Wave lenses:
      The site has a doctor locater.

      I have been wearing these since 2002, about 18 months after I had LASIK.


      Phoenix, AZ