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SynergEyes Lenses for Dry Eye

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  • SynergEyes Lenses for Dry Eye

    Are any of you using these? I'm hearing great things about them but are they suitable for all dry eye sufferers or only post lasik?
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    I have these lenses and I have dry eyes due to Sjogren's. I am very glad to have these lenses but they aren't a perfect solution to my problems. I am light sensitive and they do enable me to be under florescent lights. My eyes watered and burned and I just felt slightly nauseous when I was wearing only my moisture chamber goggles with colored lenses.

    For me, the major problem wearing the lenses is mucus strings that want to stick to the lenses. The mucus seems to be already in my eyes when I put the lenses in. I can remove it and after I have the lenses in for a couple of hours things get a lot better.

    You might not have the problem I have. One of my lens tends to get protein build up worse than the other one and that lens tends to have more mucus problems.

    I wear my lenses only when I am going shopping.



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      Thanks for your kind reply Patty,

      I'm sorry that using the Synereyes lenses is not the end of all your DE problems. I guess the protein build up will stop being one as soon as they make disposable synereyes lenses, though it may be a while before this happens. I have blepharitis and I don't produce enough tears.

      I don't have Sjogren's so I don't expect mucus strings to be a problem for me but I'm in a lot of pain from the moment I wake up. In addition to taking doxy and cyclosporine every day I also take antibiotics, allergy drops as well as Voltaren and Tremadol to ease the pain.

      Are the synergeyes helping you with the pain? What medicine are you taking?


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        I don't really feel much pain. When my upper eyelids swell up, I do feel really, really tired. The SynergEyes do help me with the watering and burning from fluorescent lights. I don't have the eye swelling problem when I wear them.

        I have just finished a 3 month trial of Lotemax and I wish I could stay on it because I had less mucus and felt wonderful.
        I am starting back on Restasis 4 times a day. I hope that I don't regress too much. I also use otc drops, particularly Oasis, and of course, gentene gel at night with Tranquil eyes.

        I think a trial with SynergEyes for you might be worth the effort. You have about 3 months to see if they will work for you. You might not have the protein build up problem. If you try them, you will probably experience trouble getting them out. If so, just keep trying. Things will get easier!



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          I just tested both sclerals and synergeyes. No go on both of them for me.
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