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Doing better with SynergEyes

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  • Doing better with SynergEyes

    Someone on this board posted a link to Dr. G's journal and while I was scanning the entries I saw one about SynergEyes and preventing infection by using a hydrogen peroxide disinfecting system rather than the multipurpose one I had been using.

    I began using Clearcare and I soon noticed that the mucus was not sticking to the lenses like before. One of my lenses had so much protein (I assume) that I had been constantly cleaning it. I was just about to replace it. Now I don't have to.

    I also want to thank Cobra eyes who told me to try Restasis 4X daily. That is helping. I think I am making less mucus. I just may be clumping and rinsing out the mucus 4 times a day instead of 2. Either way I feel better.

    I had begun to think I would not be able to use SynerEyes much longer. Now I can keep using them until something better comes along!