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?? are the contacts being used for bandaids

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  • ?? are the contacts being used for bandaids

    I am a new member, reading about contacts, is everyone who is using them , doing so to help their dry eyes? My first time to Cornea specialist, yesterday, he stuck one in one eye and said come back in a week, see if it feels a little better, but this is new to me. I have never worn contact lens before,does this treatment work to heal eyes? Any info my way is appriciated!! Thanks ..jami

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    Hi ladyjlz,

    Soft contacts are often used as a 'bandage' to protect the eyes while they're healing from an abrasion or severe erosion and some people also use them as a preventive measure to keep the eyes protected at night or even during day from erosions. Hope it helps you!
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation


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      Difficulty getting contacts in & out

      Are there any secrets to getting contact lens in and out? I have sat with a magnifing mirror and still can not grip it out, not get them in. My cornea Dr is leaving them in for weeks at a time is this safe?


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        My son wore contacts, and it was causing so much damage to his eyes he ended up with lasix surgery, I thought that the soft lenses were not suppose to be left in, some say they contribute to dryness, I wear glasses no one has even offered me this, and I did have abrasions??