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Asking for $ for PROSE lenses

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  • Asking for $ for PROSE lenses

    I am meeting with the owner/surgeon of the company who did my lasik on Wed of this week to ask if he will help with money for 2 things. I have suffered numerous complications since my lasik surgery a year ago in Sept and continue to live with them to this day. I want to try the lipiflow treatment at a local place here in Toronto and want to know if the company that did my surgery will help pay for this. Also I want to know if they will pay for PROSE lenses from Boston as that truly sounds like a real help for me. Not sure how it will go and I am already a nervous wreck as just going back to that place can set me off.
    Wish me luck to stand my ground and ask for the help that I need and they should offer given how my sight has turned out.

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    Good luck!