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am I causing more damage?

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  • am I causing more damage?

    After having a good experience with a bandaid contact my opthamologist placed, I got my first pair of contacts yesterday, wore them for about 12 hrs. I felt OK with them in, maybe a bit uncomfortable at first, especially the left lens because its a special lens for astigmatism, the optomitrist said that I would need to get use to it and I did as the day wore on. Only other problem I'm having when they are in is I lose my close up vision, I now need cheaters, and cant even see the computer screen without them, my question is I feel really irritated when I remove them at night, I'm worried that I may be causing more problems for myself, I'm trying not to worry too much, but where my eyes are concerned its hard. Has anyone else had experience with contacts? my eyes feel pretty good during the day while they are in, and I still have to use artificial tears just not as much, but at night when their out they feel worse than ever, super dry and irritated/red. Help now worried Im not doing the right thing

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    I would consult with an optometrist. If you are feeling pain after removing the contact lens, it is possible that your corneas are not getting enough oxygen with the lenses in. I would ask the optometrist to have a look at your eyes with the contacts in, after you have been wearing them for at least six hours. He/she should be able to tell at that point if the corneas are receiving adequate oxygenation.

    Have you considered trying scleral lenses? There is lots of good information on the forum about the use of sclearals for dry eye patients.

    Hope you find a lens that works well for you.