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    What are some things to consider when getting contact lenses with minor dry eye? Any suggestions on good brands/types?

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    I don't have a lot of info on this subject, I just started wearing contacts to help me with my "severe" dry eyes, I'm using the oasis disposable lenses, but I've seen several helpful posts on here about contact wear. Just type contacts in the search window. I would find a good ophthalmologist and seek their advice, as not everyone is the same. Best of luck to you. I'm finding that my eyes are only comfortable with the contacts in, when I take them out I have a strong gritty foreign body feeling, and can't stop putting in drops.


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      I just have to say that these contact lens posts are of interest to me since for many years I wore daily disposables and they were indeed acting like bandage lenses for me. They were not prescribed this way, but happened to be performing that function on my mild to moderate dry eyes. Interestingly, my eye docs have said that wearing them is most likely what put me over the edge and into severe dryness with increased inflammation and burning. Curious to see how this will all play out for you all who are trying them now. (I have repeatedly been told by my corneal specialist and 3 other optha. -all in different practices- that contact lenses are not a good idea at all and that if I want continued healing, glasses are the way to go.)


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        Yay! Glad you're improving with them Chemia. I definitely still do wish I could wear them and may ask my doc at my next appointment. I have improved, but not a lot, and not as much as I had hoped. The lenses you mention are also new to me so maybe they would be a better option then what I wore, or was available before.

        Now I'm excited to hear if there are more positive experiences, all of which I will take to my doc.