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Which forms of dry eye are helped by contacts?

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  • Which forms of dry eye are helped by contacts?

    I have dry eye and the monthly Acuvue Oasis contacts irritate my eye quite a bit. I was wondering if there is anything else I could try that might help? I probably have MGD or blepharitis, do contacts work for those?

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    AcuVue Oasis as bandage contact lens - changed wk - 10 days

    Hi Elpapi, I just returned from my ophthalmologist because the bandage contact lens (BCL) I had on for a week was drying out painfully each nite and causing further damage. Plus, even when it was properly hydrated, it was uncomfortable. But every a.m. I couldn't see hardly anything when I woke up, and couldn't see well for many hrs afterwards. I still can't see great now, have such blurriness. But I increase the view magnification on my puter, and I can stay on a little while.

    Anyhow, she took out the lens I was wearing, which supposedly could be worn for weeks (forgot to ask what kind it was). After carefully examining my eyes, she explained she wanted to put in a different make of bandage lens, the AcuVue Oasis, the same thing you are using. She said it had to be replaced every week to 10 days. After she put it in, I had no discomfort at all, thankfully, nothing like the constant discomfort I had with the other lens. She said different people tolerate different lenses.

    I'd call and make appt w/your doc and ask to have her examine your eyes, and then place a different make BCL in. I'd also check around and see how long other people are wearing specific CBL before needing to have them replaced.

    I, too, have MGD, and she has started me on lid scrubs with OcuSoft Plus. The MGD produces debris on the eyelid edge which make cause a bacterial infection, and also may make your eyes itchy even if you don't have infection. I've never been told to use lid scrubs, was told I shouldn't because my cornea is always so damaged. But my doc said that even if a little of the scrub gets in your eye, it won't damage your eye, tho your eye would get irritated. Unlike other lid scrubs, the OcuSoft Plus is so gentle, it does not need to be washed back off.

    Good luck!